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Magic is the supernatural element that influences the lives of the Shadow World's inhabitants. Magic can be seraphic.



The usual practitioners of magic.

Siphoners (Mundanes)

Siphoners have the ability to take magic from warlocks and reverse spells.

Notable Practitioners



Different Types of Magic

  • Ancestral Magic
  • Connective Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • Expression 
  • Sacrifical Magic
  • Spirit Magic
  • Tradittional Magic
  • Traveler Magic

Known Magical Practices 

  • Blood Magic
  • Elemental Magic
  • Representational Magic

Known Forms

  • Battle Spells
  • Binding (and unbinding) Spells
  • Healing Spells
  • Hellmist/hellsmoke
  • Mind Control
  • Projection
  • Protection Spells
  • Summoning Rituals
  • Tracking Spells
  • Transportation Spells
  • Twinning Rituals

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